Nearly 30 years ago, Aldo Leopold forecast that it would not be logging, mining, or roads which would threaten the wilderness; but the people who came to visit these areas. Today, we find that Leopold’s forecast may have been alarmingly accurate ( This has become a major issue within National Parks. One issue caused by the large amount of tourists visiting the parks is; though the parks have designated parking areas, often there is not enough parking spaces with the excessive amount of vehicles. This causes parking on the side of the roads or in areas which are not designated for vehicles, which creates the destruction of vegetation and the surrounding wilderness. The issue is not only the vehicles, but also the tourists. When the park is overly populated it adds to a negative visitor experience.


Every time I drive into Banff National Park there is a traffic jam, usually this has arisen from the one vehicle which has stopped in the middle of the road to take pictures of the mountain goat on the side of the road. Though it is fantastic to enjoy the wildlife which surrounds us, it has became a problem in issues such as this. In Yosemite National Park, they implemented a general management plan which established one way traffic patterns. A shuttle bus began bringing people in and out of the park so that cars were completely eliminated. In my opinion, this would be a fantastic idea to implement in the National Parks through out Canada. Not only would it stop the traffic congestion, but also would cut down on the pollution caused by the vehicles!