Some visitors do not realize the effect they can have on an environment. They may come into the parks, pick some wild flowers and try to approach wildlife for some fantastic photographs to show their friends back home.. However, you should always leave rocks, plants, and other natural objects as you found them! We want to preserve the parks for the future, therefore everything should be left how it was so future generations can enjoy them as much as we have.This may mean sacrificing how we use them today to save them for tomorrow.

This photo shows how alarmingly close snowmobiles approach the wildlife in Yellowstone National Park.

in 2005, during the Bush administration, a draft revision of the National Parks management policies was created. This rewrite would open up every park in the US to off-road vehicles such as snowmobiles and jet-skies. It changed the initial policy of the park stating that they should be enjoyed and used today with no disregard of how they will be in the future. Paul Hoffman, apart of the Interior Department, was the man who wrote this draft. No longer would the main objective be to protect these parks so that future generations would be able to use them. I am definitely not surprised by this rewrite since the Bush Administration also authorized the use of 450 snowmobiles to be used per day in Yellowstone National Park during the winter months. These machines may be enjoyable, but are harmful for use in National Parks. They pollute, are noisy and disturb to wildlife in the area. It has been recently noted that the number of snowmobiles allowed in the park will once again be reduced. Here is an article going more in depth on the topic of this issue by the New York Times: