Recently, I came across an article on the CBC news website which mentioned opening up two National Parks in Newfoundland for Moose hunting. They were planning on handing out over 900 hunting draws for these areas to reduce the number of moose habitats in the area. I feel as though this is not necessary. Canada is filled with land to hunt on, so what is the governments reasoning behind using our National Parks! Don’t get me wrong, I am for hunting, I just believe there is a time and place and that it should not be aloud within theses areas.

When I looked further into this, I found an article which speaks about the ‘Sportsmen’s Heritage Act’. In April 2012, a conservation bill was sent to Senate in the US. This bill was set to open up more of the National Parks within the US to hunting and fishing. There are now a total of 60-70 National Parks which allow hunting during the permitted seasons. I had believed that the National Parks were used for conservation and to protect a piece of our beautiful country. These parks should be used for learning about our heritage and historical events, not for hunting for sport!

You can learn more about the Sportsmen’s Heritage Act here: