Climate change is just one of the environmental issues effecting the National Parks today. Have we been taking these viewscapes for granted? We have been seeing significant changes to the National Parks within our life time. Such as the Mountain Pine Beetle infecting the Pine Trees in Rocky Mountain National Park and the quickly depleting glaciers in Glacier National Park. Climate change has also been effecting the wildlife inside our National Parks. No longer will you be able to view the moose in Isle Royale National Park in Michigan since they have recently been said to be heading North out of the warming temperatures. Or how about the reefs and marine life in Virgin Islands National Park. Because of disease, warming waters, and acidic waters, they are quickly declining. I wish there was a way I could single handedly fix these issue, but that just is not the case.

I started thinking about how taking our parks for granted has become an issue during a discussion in Environmental Issues in Tourism class. We have done this in the past to our National Parks. Everyone using their vehicles to travel for a weekend to the park, effectively creating congestion and mass pollution. Once again, we have impacted our parks so severely that they are now depleting, declining, and `self destructing`, as I see it. Maybe, instead of thinking long term, we as a population should start to think how we can slow down the destruction of our beautiful parks. Don`t take our National Parks for granted, help preserve them for future generations. Our children and grandchildren should have the benefit of seeing the beauty our countries have to offer.